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MEI facility on an off day

MEI facility on an off day

About the Company. . .

Myers Engineering International, Inc. (MEI) is a Florida licensed Professional Engineering Firm and a Manufacturer established in 1990. We specialize in the development and production of Antennas and Radio Frequency/Microwave Electronics, usually in the range from 100 kHz to 26 GHz. Our creations are developed to perform their function in many different environments, including some harsh ones, such as Underwater, Nuclear Power reactors, Military Tactical, Shipboard, Airborne, Near Space (International Space Station) and in close proximity to GigaWatt RADARs. A number of our Smart and Active antennas were designed to operate under control of the local operator, of distant servers over dedicated connections, or over the internet; others operate autonomously, requiring no intervention, as is necessary to support our clients’ missions and goals. Some examples of our developed technologies are showcased throughout our website and on our Shopping Cart at antennas.us (where we offer our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf/COTS products).

Apart from Antennas, MEI provides a variety of Custom Electronics and Services to our customers. Our Microwave + RF Design and Embedded Firmware/Signal Processing capabilities allow us to develop intelligent Communications related systems and subsystems. Products are designed, developed, prototyped and produced in-house, usually from raw components and materials. To ensure high frequency circuits operate as desired, we always layout our own PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) in-house and write our own CNC Machining codes for mechanical parts. Once developed, MEI Antennas and Products are manufactured at our facility in Margate, Florida. MEI RF electronics include Low Noise Amplifiers, Diplexers/Multiplexers, RF Front-Ends (usually for Software Defined Radios), Filters, Power Splitters/Combiners, Block RF Converters, Receivers, Transmitters, Radio Modems/Transceivers and RF quiet Microcontrollers and Digital circuits.

About the Founder. . .



MEI was the product of Dr. Myers’ lifelong passion for Electromagnetics and Radio Engineering. Dr. Myers began this Technical journey at the age of 10, when he began experimenting with simple antennas and radio receivers, initially as a hobby. His love for Electronics guided him into earning his first 2-year degree, at the age of 15, as a Radio & TV Technician. Dr. Myers went on to study Electromagnetics at the Florida Institute of Technology, earning his PhD in 1992. Additionally, he has been a registered Professional Engineer since 1990.

While working on his advanced degrees, he simultaneously worked as a full-time Engineer at a small Defense contractor, rapidly growing in responsibility from entry level Engineer to Project Engineer in a year. While working on his PhD Dissertation, he worked as a key member of the first US team to develop an approved 406 MHz GMDSS Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (GMDSS = Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). Having experience in almost every class of antenna and many other RF projects, the passion and drive to create original Antennas and RF Electronics Dr. Myers felt as a child are just as strong today!

Read more about our founder by visiting his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsmyers


Custom Antenna Development and Production
Microwave & RF Electronics Development and Manufacture
Wireless Communications Systems
RF Automatic Test Systems, Fixtures and Probes
Embedded Firmware/DSP/Software Services
RF Connectors and Coaxial Cable Assemblies

In addition to Antennas and RF Electronics, MEI can help your firm plan, design, integrate and implement Small, Medium and Wide Area Communications Systems, or expand/improve the capabilities and performance of your existing RF Networks and Links. Our services include Real Time firmware and software development and implementation.

For additional information about MEI contact Information, for a quotation contact Sales, should you wish to see samples of our more conventional antennas, we welcome you to visit our Store at antennas.us .