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Myers Engineering International’s (MEI) strengths in antenna design and development capabilities extend well into active and passive RF and Microwave circuits, subsystems and full systems. Armed with vast experience and know-how (approx. 50 years between the 2 key young RF Engineers alone), linear and non-linear computer simulators, the ability to develop in-house custom simulation and optimization software, and a well equipped laboratory, it can develop almost any wireless device or system. This, coupled with its Signal Processing capabilities, affords MEI unique means to create over-the-air data out to data in links and sub-systems.

In order to make sure that a design is stable enough for high yield production, MEI commits all of its designs to a stability test. A widely used test technique in circuit designs is the Montecarlo method, in which selected component values (tolerance) and parameters (transmission line lengths, temperature, etc.) are allowed to vary, subject to a set of statistical constraints (Gaussian distribution, etc.), while monitoring yield. For example, consider the Nominal response of a Notch Filter design. The design performed very well in a production run of 1000 pieces with the chosen components as seen in the Montecarlo results.

In addition to the Montecarlo method, MEI submits most of its designs to parametrical checks using in-house generated codes. This practice reduces both Engineer and Client risks. At Microwave frequencies, typically, concepts are verified by in-house prototyping of the key circuits at the design level. On the right is a picture of a machined part actually used in an MEI microwave prototype.

As a sample of prior work, you may see copyright pictures and basic specifications of an  UHF transmitter and receiver and an S-band IEEE-802.11 compliant Spread Spectrum Transceiver/MODEM.

Passive networks often designed include: impedance matchers, hybrid couplers, directional couplers, filters, phasing couplers and power splitters and combiners.