Embedded Firmware/IoT Software

Embedded Firmware Data
Embedded Firmware Data

At MEI, we regularly develop embedded firmware for time critical control, communications and monitoring. We specialize in developing embedded hardware and firmware for RF applications, particularly in receiving and antenna systems, where the presence of noise can be devastating. In such applications, Noise sources with levels as low a -90 dBm can drastically limit the range of a radio link, or blind a receiver. Noise levels 1000th this level (-120 dBm) can cripple most Satellite receiving devices.

Other applications include the addition of sensors and analysis of sensory data within a communications device, or a Smart Antenna. From time to time, we develop the hardware and firmware of multi-processor embedded systems, where parallel activities are supported real-time and mutually or hierarchically coordinated.

Many of our firmware applications support Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates, or via internet. This allows maintenance, upgrades and support by remote control. Intelligent bootloaders and updating code of our own making, includes the capability to revert to an earlier version should any critical recurring runtime error persist.

We particularly like developing Smart Antennas with embedded processing capabilities to augment electromagnetic interaction, or performance, or to support a multiplicity of adaptive configurations and capabilities. Contact us if you have an antenna or communications system requirement that cannot be realized naturally. We love this type of challenge.

Applications may be standalone, or interact with other devices or systems via wired or wireless interfaces. Such interfaces include UARTs, USB, SPI, !2C, LAN, Parallel, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa, proprietary protocols, etc.

Many of our applications are either battery operated or Green/Eco-conscious, requiring special attention to power consumption. We have experience developing both, hardware and firmware of devices that operate efficiently, and low-power.

Contact us with your Internet of Things/IoT or Embedded firmware needs.