Antenna Simulator (Please read below)

Through the link below, you may retrieve MEI freeware intended for educational purposes only. MEI software downloaded from this site, or any other site/s, is provided “as is” and under no circumstances, whether justifiable or not, may it (software) be used to the detriment of MEI.

The file MEI-10.ZIP contains educational software to evaluate antenna arrays of up to 8 elements. Two types of arrays may be studied: 2D planar arrays (Yagi-Uda, Circular, etc., up to 6 elements) and colinear arrays (up to 8 elements.) This code (including the numerical kernel) was fully developed and written by MEI in 1991 for its internal use. It was released as freeware on June 15, 1997. Significant work needs to be done to make the program user friendly, thus it would be a good idea to check periodically for updates. Please note that this release is an experiment for us and that it is a low priority project. The calculating engine is quite general and can analyze more complex radiating structures. We hope to expand on its capabilities in the future, on a low priority basis. If you have any comments or suggestions for future releases, you are welcome to e-mail these at: [email protected] . To ensure that your e-mail is sorted properly, include the word “freeware” in the subject line of your correspondence. Presently, all code available for download has been compiled to run under MS-DOS. Mac/UNIX users: unfortunately, we do not presently have access to Mac/UNIX compatible compilers, a condition we hope to change in the future.

Download MEI-10.ZIP.