RF Consultant/Radio Consulting Services

Electromagnetics & RF Consultant Services are offered to help resolve problems involving Electromagnetics, Antennas, Radio Communications, Microwave/RF circuitry, or high-frequency Printed Circuit Board Layout issues. Examples of problems might include enhancing a device’s connectivity in an Operating Room, improving communications with surgically embedded devices, resolution of RF ingress/interference in medical applications, locating RF tags, embedding antennas into small products, Microwave/RF Circuits issues, Self-Jamming problems, Radar range limitations, review of high-frequency Printed Circuit Board designs, Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) support, etc.


RF Consultant - Predicted Low Power UHF Control Device

RF Consultant services example: Predicted Range, Low Power UHF Control Device


RF Consultant services are provided by Dr. Myers, who received his first 2 year degree in Radio and Television at the age of 15, and his BSEE, MSEE and PhD titles from Florida Institute of Technology. He is a Florida licensed Professional Engineer who enjoys over 40 years of continuous hands-on experience in the fields of RF and Electromagnetics. Limited examples of his work can be found on this website and on our antennas.us site. To read more about his background, visit his LinkedIn profile.


Radio Consulting Services - WiFi Coverage Map

Radio Consulting Services example: Estimated Antenna Coverage Map of an example 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi IoT network comprising a single quadrant sector