Our Antenna Capabilities

Antennas are our primary strength. Below is a listing of our antenna capabilities, and the various types of antennas we are can support our customers with. Within our Commercial-Off-The-Shelf listing, links are provided to our other website containing COTS antennas and semi-custom products we sell and offer. Please feel free to contact us with any specific request.

Specialty Antennas (outside the norm):

  • Efficient miniature antennas
  • Broadband omnidirectionals (multi-octave)
  • Broadband directionals (multi-octave)
  • Broadband broadside radiators (linear and circular polarization)
  • Multi-polarized antennas (2 to 4 polarizations)
  • Intelligent, adaptive and active antenna systems
  • Unusually shaped radiating structures
  • Broadband and multi-band antennas with stable patterns
  • Autonomous antenna and RF systems

Embedded, Portable and Mobile Antennas

Embedded antennas for OEM products 50 MHz-40 GHz

  • Single resonance (band) Whips
  • Multiple resonance (band) Whips
  • Broadbanded (wideband) Whip antennas
  • High gain Whips
  • Through-the-glass/windshield radiators
  • Strongly frequency selective Whip antennas for high noise environments

Custom Popular Antenna Types (within the norm):

  • Dipoles and Monopoles
  • Turnstiles (Crossed Dipoles or X-Wings)
  • Helicals and Helices (Unifilar, Bifilar and Quadrifilar)
  • Inverted-F (PIFA) and Embedded Radiating Structures
  • Slot, Vivaldi and Printed Radiators
  • Loops and Magnetic Dipoles (Any geometry: circular, square, triangular, polygonal)
  • Spirals, Conical Spirals and Frequency Independent Structures
  • Discone, Bowtie and Biconical Dipoles
  • Arrays:
    • Parasitic (Yagi-Uda, etc.)
    • Curtain (Bobtail, Bisquare, Bruce, Sterba, etc.)
    • Phased (Linear, Circular, etc.)
    • Logarithmic-Periodic
    • Reflector (Corner, Conical, Parabolic, etc.)
    • Colinear
    • Hybrid

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Antennas we offer:

You may visit our COTS Storefront for existing antennas at www.antennas.us. Links to some main headings are provided below for convenience.

Embedded Diversity Polarized Antenna
Embedded Antenna Capabilities example: Diversity Polarized, Wideband, Internal Scanner Antenna (>10k units produced, in current use)
Race Car Telemetry Antenna
Omnidirectional L-band Race Car Video & Telemetry Antenna designed, developed and manufactured by us in 1998
IoT Smart WiFi Antenna Capabilities
IoT Smart WiFi Antenna Capabilities. Model currently in production