Wireless Communications Systems

Wireless Communications Systems

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Non-Recurring Engineering Services – Design & Development

Myer Engineering International’s (MEI) unique strengths in antenna, radio, and RF electronics allow us to offer formidable System Design and Support services. Clients regularly request assistance from MEI in the overall engineering of an RF Link or Wireless Network. For example, the analysis in the two pictures below showed that an existing Transmitter-Receiver pair failed to reliably maintain communications in more than 70% of its range (in the lower chart, the darkened areas mean that the link is successful; the colors in the upper graph reveal the magnitude of the success or failure).  To view full screen images of these charts, right click on the chart of interest and left click on “View Image” in the menu, or just click on the image.

The parameters swept by MEI in the generation of the above pictures were distance (X-axis) and central site height (Y-axis.) In the next 2 images, similar charts were created for a link fixed at its maximum range (distance), while both devices were rotated, producing all possible combinations of antenna interactions, for a given orientation of the wireless units. In the lower graph, blue means success and red means failure to communicate reliably.

A more familiar example may be found in the picture below, where MEI’s Smooth Earth model was used to evaluate a low power radio data link, with a receiver sensitivity corresponding to fixed threshold 4-FSK demodulation (this is actually a made-up example based on a different real-life problem.) The red and blue solid traces correspond to antenna full height and half heights respectively. The system has a range of about 350 meters, but it can be seen that “more height” is not necessarily best within the range of 125 to 250 m. To view a full screen image of this chart, right click on the chart and left click on “View Image” in the menu, or just click in the image.

Oftentimes, the experience, specialized knowledge and tools of a professional results in a significant project savings for problems involving Wireless Communications Systems. Use of canned software and traditional Rules of Thumb is prevalent in the field. Examples above show significant failures resulting from the misuse of theoretical models and computer programs. Fortunately, the field enjoys the participation of a number of qualified and reputable Professionals who can aide you in your current and upcoming projects. MEI would be happy to review such requirements and problems, and offer its support to your programs.

Furthermore, MEI can improve or even double the range of a low-power communications system. To learn how MEI can expand your wireless product’s capabilities, click here (Wireless OEMs only).

MEI is also competent in the development of Software and Firmware for Signal Processing, Real-Time, Embedded, Metrology and other Scientific Applications.

If radio traffic is your concern, MEI has developed software to simulate the transient and steady state performance of a communications system under adjustable loading conditions. With the above, the effect of predicted traffic can be studied over a number of hours, days or even weeks (data resolution is one minute.) Using its software and knowledge of your wireless network’s operating rules, MEI can help you determine your communications system breakdown, performance contours and which network rule changes would extend the capacity or reliability of your system.